About IFSS Founder

About IFSS Founder

About IFSS Founder

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Albert K. Frimpong

 Albert K. Frimpong was born to Mr and Mrs Frimpong in a town called Nkawkaw. Due to the nature of his father’s job (career diplomat), young Albert travelled from one Francophone country to another and attended several different schools in the process. During their stay in Zaire now Congo DR he was exposed to the game of baseball for the first time in his life. 

 At age 11 only, he seriously engaged himself in organizing sports activities with friends. Albert spent a lot of his time playing soccer and was even invited by many youth (COLTS) teams in his days to play however declined the offers. He played in his secondary school’s team LABONE SECONDARY SCHOOL alongside the great Eddie Aquaye formerly of AshGold and Accra Great Olympics fame. Albert performed very well in central defence that most people questioned his decision to not play professional football.

 In 1987, he began the long and difficult journey of introducing the
games of Baseball and Softball officially in Ghana. Finally in 1992,
a Baseball and Softball Association was formed in the country. Albert
was inducted into office as one of the first executives amongst very
top businessmen and senior Army officers who were put together as

 He became the national team’s captain in 1993 and held on to this title until he retired in 2003. He led Ghana’s baseball team to many countries, creating a good name for his nation at every occasion. He trained and played some trial games in Japan on two different occasions and was also interviewed and shown many times on Japan TV.

Albert speaks very good English, Twi his local dilect, French and Lingala (Congo DR language). After his secondary education in both Labone Secondary school for O level and Saint Thomas Aquinas secondary for his sixth form and later workers college he worked with many different groups and organizations as Operations manager, Manager and Director etc. most of his experience in jobs and life he learnt on the job.

With his great leadership qualities he won the hearts of many both locally and internationally. He is a respected member of the Africa Baseball and Softball Association (ABSA), Association for friends of African Baseball (AFB) in Japan, member baseball federations on the continent, the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) and many more that cannot be mentioned now.

Baseball has been his life for the over three decades and he has lived that life to the best of his ability. He is also a founding member of Beachsoccer in Ghana and he has been an integral part of the great exploits and achievements of the sport here in Ghana since 2007.

He is also well known and respected internationally as a baseball hero and in particular within the African Baseball and Softball Association, ABSA. After retiring he took up many different sporting activities and also set up an NGO then called Baseball Ghana Foundation for the promotion of baseball in Ghana which went very well.

After a few years he changed the name of the NGO to SYDO Ghana (Sports and Youth Development Organization) to expand his support for the youth and sports in general. Around that same time too due to his passion for the physically challenged and underprivileged he through his charity organization introduced SKATESOCCER. This innovative sport for the physically challenged involves the use of locally made skates that is used in playing soccer.

If you drive along the main streets of Accra and other West African countries you will see some physically challenged seated on locally made skates. This group of physically challenged beggars are the ones he has been helping through the Skate Soccer project.

This project has been featured on CNN , BBC ,GERMAN TV ,FIFA FUTBOL MUNDIAL ,YOUTUBE and lots of international platforms

Whiles this was going on he together with the great Yaw Ampofo-Ankra one of Ghana’s topmost sports journalist introduced Beachsoccer in Ghana somewhere in 2007.

In business he worked as the Operations Manager of Tourism Transport company ltd and also Operations Manager of Eagle Ahomka Homes ltd. Until early January 2011 he was the PA to the late board chairman of the Ghana Maritime Authority.

As the game of baseball took a nose dive it was imperative that the people in charge be removed from office and elections were held. In 2010 Albert was persuaded to contest which he did and he won over ninety five percent to become the president. With his very good connections in Japan he was able to sign a contract for the supply of equipments, some financial and technical support for Ghana Baseball and Softball.

Besides this he has also arranged with other international federations in Europe and other American countries for partnership and support for the development of Ghana Baseball and Softball. He has managed with his good leadership and inter personal relations managed to get many international goodwill for the development of the games here in our country.



Despite the many difficulties and lack of support from the authorities he has never given up on his fight see to the proper development of the games here in the country. He managed to lead in securing a Japanese grant for the construction of the first ever Baseball and Softball field in Ghana called KOSHIEN GHANA BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL FIELD. This field is situated in the Labone Senior High school.

On Wednesday 15th March 2017 at the Ghana Olympic Committee general elections Albert was elected as an Executive Board member of the committee. This is as a result of his many years of committed, dedicated and selfless service to the development and promotion of Baseball and Softball in Ghana.

He is a very respectable member of all past and current ABSA. Many see him as the best person to lead African Baseball and Softball. He has been and continues to be a great asset to sports, youth and countries in Africa and beyond. He is very popular in Japan since he made his debut on their TV in 1998 when he featured in the very famous TV Documentary called the Unbelievable.

This was a documentary about Baseball players from Ghana, Africa showcasing their skill in Ghana and also in Japan. He trained with the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks in Japan in 1998. Then some other teams in within Tokyo. In 2001 he took two Ghanaian players to Japan to try out for the MLB teams like the Anaheim Angels etc.



His Career Journey

Ghana has a lot of very selfless and hardworking people who have been doing lots of very great works for the country but on the quiet. This is one of them who is a hero both in and outside the country and an inspiration to many young people and children within and outside Ghana.

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